What should I expect at Southwest Endoscopy?

Reminder: SWE hours of operation are different from SWGA. Patients should arrive 45 minutes prior to their scheduled procedure time.

Why is it so important to follow my prep instructions?
Why do I have to show up early before my scheduled test time?
Will I feel anything?
Will I be able to watch the test on the TV monitor? What will I see?
What are polyps?
How long is the colon?
What are diverticula?
Will my doctor tell me my results?
Can I resume taking my usual medications after the procedure?
After the test, when can I start eating?
Can I go back to work after my procedure?
Why can’t I drive myself home after my procedure?
Can I take a bus or a taxi home by myself after my procedure?
What is Open-Access Colonoscopy?


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